Avon Representative Tips

Not all of us come from a business background, but that is the great thing about Avon. All you have to do is become knowledgeable about the basics and continue to educate yourself to be the best Avon representative you can be.  I came into Avon having no marketing, sales or communications experience.  If I can do this, anyone can.  Remember, what you put into your Avon business is what you will get out of it. So here is a guideline of steps to help you be as successful as you can be and teach your team to do the same. Believe it and you can achieve it, set a plan of action!!
1) Don’t forget to order brochures with your order and make sure to order enough.  The catalog is your Avon store.  If you don’t have your store out, you are not going to get orders.  The more brochures you purchase, the less each pack of brochures costs.  Every campaign challenge yourself to give out a few brochures.  Remember that leaving a catalog somewhere is a more passive way to try to get new customers.  Its always best, when possible to hand someone a brochure in person and get their contact information.  Also, make sure to promote your e-store as well!  Avon encourages us to use social media.  In fact, you can post Avon directly to your social media from your Web Office!

2) Always pay your bill before your next order is due. If this is a problem, collect the money first. Do not use Avon $ to pay for personal bills until Avon bill has been paid or before you know it, you could get yourself in trouble.  Don’t buy more than you can afford. With Avon, if you have credit, it is a privilege. You may use a debit or credit card by going to www.youravon.com or 513-551-2866.

3) If you fall behind in any fashion, call your upline or myself and let us know so they can help you get back on track! We care! Let’s take care of things before they get worse.

4) If possible to get a separate checking account. No professional business runs on cash only, and this really helps when you need to pay Avon ASAP. Unfortunately, we cannot take your money, and pay your account for you. All cards, checks need to be in your name.

5) Don’t have internet connection? Go to the library, internet café or family member to do your orders and get the latest information. The information available via internet is invaluable.

6) To follow that, on www.youravon.com under Avon U or Avon University there are online trainings that teach you all about the basics of running your Avon business! This is essential, start doing those today! Be sure to attend the FREE WEBINARS that are frequently offered.  Avon gives you the tools you need to be successful-take advantage.  Also, be sure to get the inside scoop on all the latest must-haves in our Campaign Insider Facebook Live video. And find all the info and tips on what’s now, what’s next — and what’s new — to make the most of ordering, selling and planning every campaign, right there!  If you miss the live video, you can watch the Campaign Insider video right in your back office!

8) Respond to emails so we know you got it. Give your upline your feedback. Express your opinion and share your ideas! You are all very bright and creative, so please share!  We have a very active facebook group and there are many others with thousands of Avon reps ready to share their ideas with you.  Our facebook group is called Avon Team Infinity.  You have to be a member of our team to join. .

10) Stick to your commitments. If you have to change your schedule, give enough notice for your upline, downline, or customer. This is common courtesy.  Communication is vital. Make sure to stay in touch with your customers and get back to them within a reasonable timeframe. Keep them updated on their orders.

11) Leave fear at the door! Walk out there confident in yourself and your business! You can do it!

12) There is a leader inside all of you!  Take the initiative and plan parties, tailgates, beauty bashes, fundraisers, etc.  You are your own boss.

13) Attend meetings and any local Avon event that your coach or upline throws. Many of them are online and include webinars, zoom meetings…  This is important as we try to discuss what is new, whats changing and give you tons of tips/ideas to grow your business. Its all for you!

14) Discouraged? Dont give up! Quitters dont win. Do your part to motivate yourself and read motivational materials, view your trainings at www.youravon.com, join facebook groups and get inspired! Exercise, do the power of 3, take a walk, organize your work- space. Do something! Doing nothing will keep things the same.

15) Time management. This one is huge. Got kids? Involved in clubs? Coach your child?s team? Work a full-time job? Did you know that the most successful Avon reps do all the above and/or more? Always be ready to share the opportunity at all times, and the more you are involved, the more people you meet! Carry catalogs, samples and business cards with you.  Let Avon become a natural extension of yourself. Throw a few catalogs, business cards or samples in your purse or car before heading out the door!  Give your testimony, be confident, and be excited! It’s the easiest way.  Wear your products-our jewelry, clothing, bags that say Avon on them, etc. We have a huge Avon merchandize company called Town and Country that can be found at AvonPrintShop.com.

16) Use your tools! View online training videos & beauty boosts. Also if you have the rich and famous or any other training DVDs don?t let them sit there and gather dust. Share with your team. Share with a prospective representative. If you have the Rich and Famous DVD you have, put your name on it, share it and follow up with the next 2 days! Watch it speak volumes for you.

17) Know what being a part of our team means. You come from a line of Top sellers and motivators when it comes to Avon Sales and Leadership!

18) Work your business as if you spent $50,000 to start you business and not less than $20 on your appointment kit! If you take this seriously, you will work hard, and stay focused. If you spent 50K you wouldn’t let any of the little things get to you, because you have invested time and lots of $. Stay focused on the bigger picture!! Nobody who is rich said it was easy and for almost no one did it happen overnight.

19) Take control and responsibility for your success. Success, money, fame, all of that is not going to fall into your lap. I cant force you to do anything, I can only advise you. Take control of your time. Don’t let life/circumstance tell you what you do with your time. You take control of your time. All of us have the same amount of time in the day. It is what you decide to do with it.

20) Network and connect with other Avon representatives!!

21) Stay focused, work hard, take it day by day, and watch the time fly and then you will see your dreams come true and you will say it was all worth it!!