Avon Sample Club

Love samples? Are you someone who always wants to be “in the know” and see what’s new?  Sign up for Area Beauty Shop Online’s Free Sample of the Month Club! I’ll be sending out a new packet every month, the first 3 months FREE, with continued or renewed membership available to anyone who purchases $25 or more from my e-store!

Check off as many product types as you want, leave blank any that you do not wish to receive in your sample packs. Add special preferences like skin tones, lipstick color preferences, hair type, or if you have sensitive skin in the comments at the end.

Sorry, United States only, no International addresses.


There is no cost to sign up for this fun and fabulous program.  All I ask in return is that you try out the sample and provide feedback about your experience with it.

Receive a discount-Should you LOVE the sample product so much that you decide you want to purchase the full size product, I will offer you 20% off your 1st purchase within 30 days.  If you order from my online Avon Store within 30 days, I will reimburse you for 20% of that item.

Refer a Friend-If you refer my Avon Sample Club to someone, and they join the club as well then when they place their first order with me, I will give you (the referrer) a FREE Gift!

As a member of our Free Avon Sample Club, I will also mail you a Current Avon Brochure.

(Please no current Avon reps for my sample club.  This club is for potential customers.  Thank you for your understanding)